Audrey’s Pizza and Freefall Brewery

Audrey’s Pizza and Freefall Brewery

Audrey’s Pizza Oven and Freefall Brewery opened in late summer of 2021 on 7th Avenue in Bozeman, and it feels like a throwback to a by-gone era of simpler times. Speaking of by-gone eras, it’s obvious that a lot of effort went into preserving the look and feel of the former occupant, Village Inn Pizza. Pizza, beer and cheap arcade games make this a great place to kill some time and an appetite as well as satiate your thirst with local beers. 

Name a more iconic duo than pizza and beer. I’ll wait.

I was blown away to find out that most of the arcade games cost merely a quarter and instantly felt whisked away to the cheaper days of my youth. I mean, where else in this modern world can a quarter buy you anything in the way of entertainment value? The games and casual atmosphere make Audrey’s an ideal spot for a first-date for couples or a place to let the kids blow off some steam while you enjoy a pint or two. 

Also as a heads up to the gluten-intolerant or the hop-weary, they keep a few seltzers rotating on draft as well.

It took me awhile to knock the rust off, but I eventually I got it rolling.

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