Lockhorn Cider

Lockhorn Cider

Locking horns with some ciders at Lockhorn

I can definitively say that I’ve had more beer in my lifetime than the average person. After spending nearly a decade in the beer industry hosting tastings and managing beer festivals for several summers, I know my way around a pint glass and a tap. That being said, while I still enjoy a great beer, somedays I’m apt to gravitate toward lighter options when I’m seeking refreshment. 

Several years ago, the alcoholic beverage industry saw a major shift toward gluten-free options which eventually gave way to the current seltzer trend as a result. However, before every alcoholic beverage company began producing seltzers, the fermented beverage of choice for those of us looking to steer clear of the malt content in beers was cider. While focus has turned to seltzers over the last several years, I still love a great cider and Bozeman is home to a cidery that can lock horns and hold its ground with any producer of cider in the country in my opinion. 

Lockhorn Cider is family-owned and grows their apples for their cider right here in the Gallatin Valley so it is truly a locally-owned and locally-produced product. The 3000 trees in the orchard run the gambit of apples and they grow nearly 30 varietals of the fruit which they incorporate into their diverse offerings. Bonedry is their flagship cider and for good reason. It’s incredible and as a result, is used as a base for blending many of their offshoots. For a true Montana treasure, you absolutely must do their Flathead Cherry cider when available. Coupling apples and cherries grown in Montana make it one of the more unique and truly Montanan products on the market today.

Keep an eye out for Lockhorn’s products in the wild

You can find their products in the wild at places like Town and Country or Town Pump, but you should go check out the taproom at 21 South Wallace St in Bozeman. It’s a cozy spot with tables big enough to accommodate larger parties but also has some nooks intimate enough for a casual date night. They also have an outdoor patio which is nice and shady on a hot day and on a cold night you can enjoy a hot cider while watching the logs crackle in their outdoor fireplace. 

Be a deer, and check out Lockhorn Cider the next time you’re looking for a break from the hops and malt. You won’t be disappointed. You can find out more by visiting their website here.

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