The Dude’s Stoners’ Atlas

A Comprehensive 420 Celebration Field Guide: 2023 Edition

Because your dude loves you and loves Montana’s cannabis industry, I’ve taken it upon myself to create this celebration field guide to provide as comprehensive of an aid as possible for ringing in 420 in Montana in 2023. I reached out via phone, email as well as social media to as many dispensaries around the state as possible to compile the information found in this guide.

This field guide has been compiled in the spirit of positivity, collaboration and community. The guide is from the perspective of a life-long, proud stoner and from the vantage point of someone who has witnessed first-hand the good that both medical and recreational cannabis can have on people’s lives. Both my wife and I have been medical card holders for several years, and cannabis has undoubtedly had a positive impact on our quality of life both together and as individuals.

In addition to medical uses, cannabis can also be a lot of fun when enjoyed properly and in good company. I’ve met a ton of lifelong friends in joint rotations. I hope that perhaps this Atlas can guide you to a similar destination. Cannabis has always had a remarkable way of bringing people together and making them happier. It’s in that spirit that I embarked on the creation of this guide.

Montana is fortunate to have developed a vibrant cannabis market in such a short amount of time. Medical cannabis became legal in Montana in 2004, which means Montanans have had some form of legal access to cannabis for just shy of two decades. Recreational cannabis began in 2022, and in the first year, Montana sold over $300 million worth of cannabis between the medical and adult-use programs. The industry also generated over $45 million in tax revenue for the state in year one. You can find an in depth look at Montana’s first year of adult-use cannabis sales here.

In addition to the tax revenue. There’s also an estimated 4,000 hardworking Montanans currently making their living in the cannabis industry. Keep this in mind the next time someone tries to hassle or belittle you about blazing up. Just tell them you’re supporting the local economy.

As a student of history, I believe that there are few things more quintessentially Montanan than agriculture and pioneering. I can’t think of an industry other than ranching or farming that sits more exactly at those crossroads than the cannabis industry. Our young cannabis industry exemplifies so much of what the Montana spirit is in my opinion. Cannabis entrepreneurs persevere against the constant resistance by the government and naysayers to do what they do. They’re constantly carving a path into uncharted territory just by existing. It’s my pleasure to work with so many and support their efforts and their undeniable sense of passion and purpose.

There is no shortage of great dispensaries or cannabis in Big Sky Country, and it is with great pride and pleasure that this guide gets to showcase them and what they love to do. While I may certainly have a few favorite strains, products and shops of my own, that’s not what the Stoners’ Atlas is about. This is an unabridged, comprehensive and (most importantly) impartial manual for all of what Big High Country has to offer on 420. Special thanks to all of the shops who were gracious enough to take time to speak to me on the phone, send an email or reach out on social media to participate in this year’s guide.

Please enjoy the best 420 celebration guide I could muster this year. It is my sincere hope that this Stoners’ Atlas will serve you well. Thanks for participating in or using this guide and happy holidaze! As always, have fun and be safe when celebrating and thanks for supporting your local dispensaries. I’m sure they’d all love nothing more than to be part of your celebration.

Helpful Hints for Your 420 Celebration

For more experienced consumers, a decent amount of the information in this section may be redundant or old news. If you’re just looking to scope out the specials and events, feel free to scroll past this section to the “What’s the Deal?” and/or “Where’s the Party at?” sections below. For those who may be a little more green or new at shopping for cannabis in Montana, you may find some of the following information below valuable. Read it or don’t. It’s a free country, dude.

From my time serving as a budtender and dispensary manager, I always found Leafly, WikiLeaf, and All Bud to be great resources when researching and selecting cannabis products. Use these as references when making your selections or to learn more about cannabis in general. They provide a wealth of information on a variety of cannabis-related subjects that run the gambit from cannabis 101 to deep dives into emerging cannabis science. Boning up on individual terpenes and cannabinoids as well as their effects is always a great idea.

In reaching out to compile the information contained in this guide, I found weedmaps to be incredibly helpful. It’s a great resource for finding a lot of the same information contained in this guide in the way of dispensary websites and addresses. As a word of caution, I did find a small bit of sporadic information on weedmaps to be out of date when compiling this data, so I’d encourage you to verify all of the information contained there. However, the vast majority of the information found there can be deemed reliable.

Research has shown that CBD can help round out the edges of an intense cannabis-induced experience. It’s not a bad idea to keep some around. If you find yourself stuck to the ceiling, it may be just the help you need to find the floor again. CBD inventory may vary from dispensary to dispensary, but most will have at least some selection of CBD products. It’s never a bad thing to have on hand and also doesn’t count against your daily THC limit. I’d recommend looking primarily at products that are labeled “full-spectrum” to insure the products are of high quality.

When consuming cannabis always consider a designated driver, ride shares, or public transportation when and where available. Option’s like Missoula’s Mountain Line, Bozeman’s Streamline, and Billings MET Transit are all good options as well as others.

It should be noted that while recreational cannabis sales became legal on January 1st 2022, provisions in the bill allowed counties to opt in or out based on the wishes of local voters. As a result, not all counties in Montana allow recreational or “adult-use” sales. Refer to the map below for a county-by-county breakdown of where you can and can not purchase recreationally on 420. It also breaks down what kind of taxes you can expect to pay in each county. The current tax rate for recreational cannabis is 20% and 4% for medical. Individual counties and towns can also assess an additional tax of up to 3%.

*Courtesy of Montana Cannabis Control Division

2023 Stoners’ Atlas Official Map

There’s no shortage of rules and laws when it comes to cannabis in Montana. While many regular consumers are already up to speed, this section is a refresher for the old heads and a crash course for dispensary customers who are a bit green. This guide is for new and old stoners alike so please pardon me if some of this is old news to more seasoned stoners.

As far as laws you should know, these are our concerns, dude.

You must be 21 to purchase recreational cannabis legally in the state of Montana. Expect to have to show a valid form of identification at a dispensary.

The state of Montana restricts daily purchases to a limit of 1 oz of flower or the equivalent in THC mgs. While purchasing flower is very straightforward, it can become a bit confusing as edibles and concentrates become part of the equation. Fortunately POS systems tally it automatically.

All purchases at dispensaries are logged by a system called METRC that tracks all cannabis commerce. This is to prevent consumers from going over their allotted daily limit. The system tracks the data in real time and will be viewable by your budtender at any dispensary you shop at throughout the day. While I can understand the urge and desire to try to take advantage of as many deals as possible throughout the holiday, it’s very important to not try to game the system as it can result in a costly fine for your dispensary. Be cool and keep it to your 1 oz limit. Also it should be noted that many dispensaries are extending sales and discounts outside of just the holiday itself, so there’s plenty of opportunities to take advantage of deals on other days around the holiday as well. Your 1 oz limit resets the next day.

Childproof exit bags are required at Montana dispensaries. Trust me. Budtenders and dispensary owners don’t like it any more than you do. They didn’t make the rule, but it is their obligation to follow it. Don’t hassle them should they charge you for a bag. The best way to avoid this situation is to plan accordingly and put your exit bag(s) in the car the night before. Just think of it like hanging a stocking for stoner Santa. Before you go to bed on 420 Eve, put a bag in your car.

Kids aren’t allowed in dispensaries. There’s nothing wrong with being a parent and a stoner, but unfortunately Montana laws do not allow minors without valid medical cards and the supervision of a parent in dispensaries. Many parents are however in luck this year as the holiday falls on a Thursday. That means many kids will be at school, so it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone without particularly young children.

Don’t divert legally purchased cannabis to people who aren’t supposed to have it. Of all the arguments against legal cannabis, one of the most hotly-contested and oft-mentioned is the fear of cannabis ending up in the hands of children and minors. Don’t do it. It only adds fuel to the demonization of the industry by its naysayers and detractors.

Always enjoy cannabis responsibly. The entire industry stands to bear the brunt of the weight of poor decisions. Don’t get behind the wheel and remember that mixing cannabis with other substances can have unpredictable side effects. Have fun, but be safe.

This should go without being said, but 420 is an extremely busy holiday for dispensaries. It is typically by far the biggest day of the year for sales at a shop. That being said, keep in mind that your budtenders and dispensary staff will be working very hard on the holiday. Do your best to be cool, patient, and don’t forget to tip your budtenders. They definitely appreciate it.

If you’re interested or would like to learn more about the cannabis program in Montana, I’ve always found the state’s website to be a great resource for staying up to speed on the constantly evolving laws and policies.

Please find below a list of all 420 discounts that I know of going on in 2023. Dispensaries are listed below in alphabetical order. Most have links directly to their website where you can find more information.

312 Cannabis: Billings & Hardin. All flower and concentrates 25% off, $7 1g pre-rolls, $15 1g caviar pre-rolls, 40% off edibles, 50% off salves, raffling off 2 UHD flatscreen televisions.

406 Essence: Billings. (Medical Only) 30% off entire purchase. 50% off during Happy Hour (4-6 pm), & $4.20 per-rolls 4/16-23. IG: @406.essence

406 Farmacy: Whitefish. First 5 people through the door get an 1/8th for $1. 25% off storewide, 40% off during Happy Hour (4:20-5:20 pm), 25% off all 406 Farmacy gummies, first 10 people to enter after 11 am will receive a free food voucher to Montana Mountain Dawgs food truck. See event section for more information. IG: @406farmacy

406 Organix: Shepherd. Top secret discounts and giveaways. IG: @406_organix

Alternative ReLeaf: Libby & Polson. 20% off storewide, $25 cartridges, flash sales. IG: @alternativereleaf

Apogee Gardens: Bozeman, Butte, Livingston & Hamilton. Food truck, live music, 420 Block Party, 50% off *select flower strains, 50% off distillate, 50% off Apogee brand edibles, 50% off live resin, diamonds, and THC isolate, BOGO joints. IG: @apogeegardens

Awesome Blossoms: Kalispell. Food Truck, giveaways, 20% off storewide. IG: @awesomeblossomsmt

Beartooth Medicinal: Red Lodge. 10% off concentrates, 10% off edibles, 15% off edibles, 25% off apparel, 30% off Para, 25% off accessories, raffling off three glass pieces, trivia for extra discounts, and unveiling new products. IG: @beartoothdispensary

Big Mountain Botanicals: Columbia Falls & Whitefish. Free food, live glass blowing, live ice sculpting, raffles, and product discounts. IG: @bigmountainbotanicals

Bloom: Ashland, Billings, Boulder, Bozeman (Four Corners), Butte, Columbia Falls, Columbus, Craig, Florence, Glendive, Hardin, Havre, Helena, Kalispell, Lewistown, Libby, Livingston, Lolo, Sidney, Townsend. 20% off storewide. IG: @therealbloommt

Call O Way Fingerprinting Services: Billings. If you are interested in obtaining a Montana Cannabis Industry worker badge, Call O Way is offering a 10% off discount for the fingerprinting services necessary to get your badge. Use promo code: “Getinky10”

Collective Elevation: Billings, Bozeman, Butte & Missoula. BOGO half off edibles, first 100 customers get a 25 cent joint, huge discounts on flower, Puffco and REI gift card raffle. IG: @collectiveelevation

Frosteez: Billings & Missoula. Free glass giveaway to every customer. Glass values range from $10 all the way up to $700! Food and daily discounts. IG: @frosteezcannabisco

Ganja Goddess: Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Livingston & Missoula. Parties at all stores. 25% off storewide.

Golden Valley Honey: Billings & Laurel. 50% off storewide. @ghvbillings

Greener Pastures: Big Sky, Bozeman & Missoula. $1 one gram pre-rolls. IG: @greenerpasturesmontana

The Green Haus: Kalispell. 30% off Green Haus products and merchandise. Raffles and other big discounts. Deals run from 4/20-4/23. IG: @thegreenhaus_406

Grizzly Pine: Bozeman & Whitefish. Loads of discounts and food truck. 1 cent pre-rolls with a receipt from any neighboring business. IG: @grizzlypinemt

Herbaceous: Big Sky, Bozeman, Butte. 4 grams of select flower strains for $20. 20% off storewide. IG: @herbaceousmt

The Hi-Line Co: Arlee, Missoula & Ronan. 20% off storewide. @thehilineco

Holy Grail Botanicals: Billings. *MEDICAL ONLY* $20 1/8ths and $2 pre-rolls. Stop by their booth at the 420 in the 406 party! IG: @holygrailbotanicals

Juniper Cannabis: Belgrade & Bozeman. 30% off storewide. Flash deals. Giveaways. IG: @junipermtgoods

Lone Peak Cannabis: Big Sky, Bozeman, Ennis & West Yellowstone. 20% off storewide. Double points for members for all of April. IG: @lonepeakcannabisco

Magic City Releaf: Billings, Culbertson, & Rockvale. Tax free. 50% off concentrates, $20 .5 gram cartridges, $30 1 gram cartridges, $40 2 gram cartridges, $5 joints. Each location will have one “golden joint” that is worth $250 in store credit and $250 in cash. At Billings and Culbertson locations, customers will receive a free taco from Gringo’s with a $35 purchase. At the Rockvale location, the first 70 customers will get a free sandwich from Montana Melt food truck. IG: @magiccityreleaf

Marimint: Billings, Butte & Great Falls. Buy 4 edibles, get 20% off. 20% off all flower and concentrates. 20% off merch. Spend more than $80, and get a spin on Mari’s wheel of prizes. Spend $100 and you’re automatically entered into a raffle to win one of four 420 20% off gift cards. IG: @marimintmontana

Moncanna: Missoula. 10% off edibles, buy one get one half off house-made baked goods and vape cartridges, 20% off house-made pre-rolls, house 1/8ths for $26 (tax included), house 1/4s for $50 (tax included), $160-200 select ounces (tax included), 10% off concentrates, raffles, pizza, drinks. IG: @Moncanna406

Mr. 420: Mr. 420 is an authority on cannabis-related travel and accomodations. As a holiday special, they’re offering companies and properties free listings.

Natural Wellness: Belgrade, Butte, Helena & *Lewistown (*medical only in Lewistown). $6 grams of select flower, $20 grams of select concentrates, buy 3 concentrates get a Seahorse e-dabber for 50% off. IG: @mtnaturalwellness

Pure Remedies: Belgrade. 20% off storewide. Raffle to win handmade glass pieces by artist, Unassimilated, as well as glass crutches by RipTip.

Purple Cow: Billings. 4 pre-rolls for $20. 4 grams of flower for $20. Free coffee and donuts 9-12. IG: @montanapurplecow

Sacred Sun Farms: Bozeman (Four Corners), Glendive, & Wolf Point. 42% off storewide (some exclusions apply), 20% off concentrates and cartridges (excludes solventless products), 10% off accessories, $4.20 1 gram Velvet Fire pre-rolls, free koozie with $100 purchase, free sticker with every purchase, new product releases & a food truck at the Four Corners location. IG: @sacredsunfarms2

Serene Green Apothecary: *WHOLESALE ONLY* Dispensary owners and managers can inquire here. Find their products in stock at Mountain High in Bozeman and through their wholesale national distributor through Lazy Daze Cannabis.

Silverleaf: Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, St. Ignatius. Discounts and raffles. 15% off storewide and free entry into raffle with $50 purchase. (These specials are only confirmed at their St. Ignatius location.) @silverleaf_snyelmn

Sugar Leaves: Kalispell. IG: Food truck, doorbuster deals, raffles, giveaways and discounts. @sugarleavesmontana

Tamarack Cannabis: Kalispell & Whitefish. Door prizes, raffle prizes, food truck, free beverages. IG:

Think Higher: Bozeman & Four Corners. First 5 people at each location receive a shwag bag, $100 ounces *select strains, $15 eights, 40% off specialty pre-rolls, 40% off Think Distillate carts, Live Resin 25-35% off, Sinful and Bevvies 20% off, High Road edibles 20% off, 25% off shatter. IG: @thinkhighermontana

Uncle Bucks: Billings. 42% off storewide.

Yellowstoned Dispensary: 4 grams of select flower strains for $20.

We’d: Product discounts and giveaways. See events. Missoula. IG: @we_dmissoula

Wild Sky Farms: Glasgow. 20% off storewide. IG: @wildskyfarmsinc

Please find below a list of all 420 special events that I know of going on in 2023. As a dude who spent several years planning and executing large scale beer festivals, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into putting together a great event. Go check these out. Be safe and have a blast! -Dude

1st Annual High-Fi Soiree: The High-Fi Soiree is a ‘highly’ anticipated event in Montana, offering a unique experience that brings together the love of cannabis, music, and community. The featured acts are renowned for delivering electrifying performances, and will be doing so on a Hi-Fi PK Sound System with a state-of-the-art lighting system. Whether you’re a fan of cannabis or simply looking for a memorable night out, the High-Fi Soiree is the place to be. 9 pm, 225 Ryman St, Missoula.

191 Music Presents ORGŌNE: The California soul band takes the stage live at the Filling Station. Sounds like a great way to get funked up for the holiday. 9 pm, 2005 N Rouse Ave, Bozeman.

406 Farmacy 420 Party: Montana Mountain Dawgs Food truck, discounts and a tie-dye party. Ask them about their secret VIP event. 5895 Highway 93 South, Whitefish.

420 in the 406: Compete in stoner-centric games. 3-9 pm, 3781 S 56th St W, Billings

Big Mountain Botanicals 420 Party: Free food, live glass blowing, live ice sculpting, raffles, and specials. Columbia Falls and Whitefish.

Big Lebowski Showing @ Regal Gallatin Valley: Obviously I’m a bit partial to the film, and obviously you’re not a golfer. Routinely rated as one of the greatest stoner films of all time, this will be a great way to celebrate. 2825 W Main St, Bozeman

Half Baked Showing @ Art House Cinema: Go talk to Sampson! Half Baked is a certified stoner classic and a great way to ring in the holiday. 7 pm, 2810 1/2 2nd Ave N, Billings.

Fresh Bong Water Release Party @ Kettlehouse: Meet up at the Bonner tap room and enjoy beer flights paired with munchies, raffles, live music from the Markophones, food from the Weenie Wagon, and $3 drafts of Fresh Bong Water. 5-7:30 pm, 605 Coldsmoke Ave, Bonner.

Juniper Cannabis 420 Community Bike Ride: *POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER* Bozeman. The Juniper Cannabis Annual 4/20 Community Bike Ride returns for the second year! All bikes (& costumes) are welcome for this outdoor event. We’ll meet at Juniper Cannabis’ downtown location (120 North Grand Avenue) at 5:30 for a 6pm departure. We’ll cruise the roads & gravel trails around town for about an hour and half before ending the ride for a cheers at Shine Beer Sanctuary where you’ll find all your favorite Bozeman Brews. Come prepared with a backpack, layers and water for the ride, as we know Montana spring can be unpredictable. Come celebrate the 4/20 holiday with us on your favorite set of wheels! 5:30 pm, 120 N Grand Ave, Bozeman.

Mark Norman Live Standup Comedy @ The Elm: Few things pair with good weed like good laughs. Catch Mark Normand live at the Elm and enjoy some chuckles. There are two showtimes to catch the guy Jerry Seinfeld called “the best young up and coming comic.” 6 pm (Sold Out) & 10 pm (Sold Out), but tickets may still be available on the secondary market and night of at the box office. 506 N 7th Ave, Bozeman.

Missoula 420 Block Party: Presented By Montana State Hemp Fest: Arguably the biggest 420 event in the state and an annual tradition, the 420 Block Party will feature live music, vendors, food and everything you’d expect from a company that puts on Montana’s largest cannabis festival every summer. Caras Park, Missoula

Nappy Roots @ The Newberry: Thinking about missing this show? Awnaw, hell naw. Best known for their breakthrough album, Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz, this show is a great way to celebrate! 7:30 pm, 420 Central Ave, Great Falls

Reefer Madness Showing @ Art House Cinema: The classic propaganda film is a shining example of why cannabis has had such an uphill fight with older generations. It should now be viewed as much more of a comedy. It’s arguably the most famous piece of cannabis media of all-time. 9 pm, 2810 1/2 2nd Ave N, Billings.

We’d Montana’s 3rd Annual Fire Show & Sale: A celebration of the legalization of marijuana in Montana, 3rd Annual High Fire Show + Sale, We’d 15th Annual Customer Appreciation Day, fundraiser for the Last Prisoner Project. Live music! Good food! Lots of great deals and giveaways! 2502 Murphy Street, Suite B, Missoula.

Special thanks to all who participated and used the guide this year. It was a joy and pleasure to compile this list on behalf of Montana’s cannabis industry. This concludes The Dude’s Stoners’ Atlas 2023. Make sure to check back for next year’s edition. Have a safe and happy holidaze!

If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a cannabis business or cannabis commercial real estate. Please consider the following resources:

The Joint Committee is a group of REALTORS and business brokers specializing in the cannabis industry

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